Economic Man - EP

by Public Safety

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The debt release from Berkeley punk band Public Safety. Enjoy.


released October 18, 2015

Public Safety is:

Josh-Lyrics, Vocals
David-Bass, Vocals
Diego-Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sam-Drums, Backing Vocals

All tracks by Public Safety and Billy Bouzos, except “Clock Time” by Public Safety

Recorded by Emilio Nevarez at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, Emeryville, CA - March 2015

Mixed and mastered by Joel A. Gimbel II

Album artwork by Tiber Skywalker

Thanks to all of our families for not killing us. Billy “The Face of Pop Punk” Bouzos, Ian Rittmaster, Casey Fitzpatrick, Cameron Lampert, and Russell Moore for keeping this project alive. In no particular order: Eddie Gonzalez ,Danny Perez, Alisa Hair and Imposters, The Skunkadelics (except Jon), the Truants, Baja Sociedad!, Chuck SxJx, The Lucky Eejits, Mari and Sarchasm, Ilya Slabodkin Tony Two-Tone, Jeff Armstrong, and to anyone who has come out to our shows or supported the scene!



all rights reserved


Public Safety Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Clock Time
Every day the alarm goes off. And I submit to the clock. Live by every tick and tock. I’m never late, I can’t stop. Bow to the machine on the wall. Commodifier of us all

Tell me the value of my labor, tell me the value of my life, not a second to myself, because I’m stuck on clock time

Stifle my creative spirit. Run my soul at a loss. All my extra potential becomes profit for the boss. Just stuck in the day to day. There’s got to be a better way.

Never ceasing in its motion. Endless destruction of hours and days. Endless destruction of years and lifetimes. Strapped to the grind, we’re all slaves.
Track Name: Pray It Away
Opium of the masses creating social division. Choosing ignorance as the influence for policy decisions. Distracting us from the things that really affect our lives. Instead take your own people and dehumanize. Take away your Civil Rights and your dignity. De Facto class of other in our society. Defending the “sanctity” of an institution obsolete. The Psychology of the burning cross returns to the street.

Emotionally traumatized and legally victimized. A culture desensitized to their fellow man. Will the land of the free have the understanding that the stigma put on being gay is something you can’t pray away.

The only truth that matters is the televangelists’ version. So even “compassion” takes the form of tactics of coercion. Reparative therapy to save you from hell. Your psychological condition is a commodity to sell. Teach away your self-esteem and shame away your pride. Focus on Family and Love in Action are training for suicide. Destroying the minds of youth both straight and gay. Every time you tell us just to pray it away.
Track Name: The Betrayal
Bringer of Progress, Destroyer of Nature. Another tree falls, Another species dies.

Mother Earth bleeding like Caesar. Mother Earth turns to her children. Et Tu, humanity? Et tu you ignorant, you uninterested?

You wouldn’t strangle your children, but they choke on toxic fumes. You wouldn’t pull the fucking trigger, but you send them off to resource wars.
Arrogance replaces thought. Arrogance, the fall of man. Consciousness is the plague. Is death the only antidote?
Track Name: Homo Economicus
Take me from the incubator and throw me on a train at runaway speed. Send me to school, put a gun to my head, and ask me what kind of worker I’ll be. I get to the job, you strap me down and cut out my individuality. Don’t stop until you’ve molded the type of man you want to see.

Why aren’t you going faster? Your worth is being a puppet for the invisible hand. Why aren’t you going faster? Become the perfect economic man.

Manifestation of the ideal, put your emotion to the side. The only self-expression allowed is that which perpetuates our lie. Public stigma holds you back and puts you right into your place. Cash dependency the boot forever stamping on your face.

Drug me up and beat me down. Send me early into the ground. Credit scores and suburban ideals make my soul easy to steal. Tell me to enforce the masculine, in fear of those that I call sin. My opulent insecurity making me a vassal for industry.